A Free Windows GUI Version of HTML Tidy

Author: André Blavier

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to maintain TidyGUI and TidyCOM. However, notice that the HTML Tidy core software is still well alive (see the Tidy Source Forge project).
TidyGUI and TidyCOM (based on the 4th August 2000 version of HTML Tidy) will still be available from this site as long as necessary. If anybody is willing to continue the development of these programs, feel free to do so--all source code is available.
Many many thanks to the numerous folks who helped me improve the programs with their suggestions, bug reports and friendly messages.

What is it?

TidyGUI is a Windows GUI encapsulation of Dave Raggett's HTML Tidy, a free utility application from the World Wide Web Consortium that helps you clean up your web pages. (You might also be interested in TidyCOM, a COM wrapper for Tidy.)

HTML Tidy is a powerful, efficient, multi-platform application that can be tuned with about 4 dozen options. The major (and probably only) added value of TidyGUI is that it lets you experiment interactively with Tidy's numerous options and save your settings in a configuration file.

A snapshot of TidyGUI is available here.



Current version (1.1.5, 26 May 2001) is based on the 4th August 2000 version of HTML Tidy.



TidyGUI is supposed to work on all Win32 versions of Windows.

Release Notes

Version 1.1.5 (26 May 2001)
Based on HTML Tidy version 4th August 2000.
Corrected a bug introduced in v. 1.1.4 where an extra-CR was added before the end of each line of tidy's result.
Version 1.1.4 (10 Mar. 2001)
Based on HTML Tidy version 4th August 2000.
Added minor enhancements, e.g.: output window can now be edited; performance should be better with large files. Corrected a few more bugs.
Version 1.1.3
Based on HTML Tidy version 4th August 2000.
Added support for command-line parameters. Corrected few bugs (special thanks to Ricardo Amador).
Version 1.1.2
Based on HTML Tidy version 4th August 2000.
Corrected a major bug introduced in version 1.1.1 causing various options (like clean!) to have no effect (thanks to Mark Carrington who found that bug).
Version 1.1.1
Based on HTML Tidy version 4th August 2000.
Added support for the new tidy option literal-attributes and corrected a bug concerning new tags.
Version 1.1
Based on HTML Tidy version 8th July 2000.
Added support for the 2 new tidy options add-xml-space and gnu-emacs.
Version 1.0
Based on HTML Tidy version 30th April 2000.
Modified configuration dialogs to reflect changes in tidy options.
TidyGUI now remembers the last used source file and configuration file accross sessions, to make your life easier (suggested by Ralf Hasse).
Version 0.9
Based on HTML Tidy version 13th January 2000.

Download and installation

To install, simply download and unzip TidyGUI-exe.zip, and play! TidyGUI is a standalone Win32 executable and requires no installation step.

A german version of TidyGUI is also available here, courtesy of Winfried Schöch (see his HTML Tidy auf Deutsch page).

Registry impact: TidyGUI creates and uses the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HTML Tidy\TidyGUI

Source code is available here (.zip file--also contains source code of TidyCOM). TidyGUI was developped with Visual C++ 6.0 and the ATL library.